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Church Workshop Hosting

Thank You for your interest in bringing the Complete Health Improvement Program, CHIP, to your conference or local Seventh-day Adventist church and the surrounding community. 

The Adventist Church CHIP Channel of Lifestyle Medicine Institute is committed to preparing individuals to present this scientifically validated, life-changing health ministry in a confident and professional manner. 

To Learn More About CHIP: Please visit www.chiphealth.com

To Sponsor or Contract for a Workshop:

 In the USA:
Contact: Travis Young
Phone: (909) 283-6001
E-mail: Travis.Young@lmi4life.com

In Australia and New Zealand:
Contact Paul Rankin.
Phone: (02) 9847 3333
E-mail: Paul@lifestylemedicineinstitute.com.au

Workshop Objectives: Participants will learn how to:
    1.  Gain support from the local church(es)
    2,  Market CHIP
    3.  Manage the clinical and demographic data
    4.  Prepare for and conduct the class sessions
    5.  Celebrate the graduation
    6.  Provide for alumni support activities
    7.  Build connections between health and spiritual interests
Workshop Schedule:
    1.  Twelve to 15 hours of training will be scheduled to fit local circumstances and needs
    2.  Sabbath workshop hours (if any) only address mission and spiritual emphasis
    3.  Dates must avoid conflicts with previously scheduled conference or church events
Workshop Venue Options:
    1.  School/college/university campus auditorium or classroom during vacation times
    2.  Conference property such as a youth camp, campmeeting venue, or conference office
    3.  Local church fellowship hall
    4.  Rented facility 

Cost of Workshop for Participants: Per person workshop fees are determined by the sponsoring organization.

Cost of Workshop for Sponsoring Organization: To request training services for a workshop, the sponsoring organization receives a contract from LMI that includes:
    1.  Cost of training materials
    2.  Trainer service fees
    3.  Expenses covered by the sponsoring organization

Advertising the Workshop: Is done by the sponsoring organization

Registration for Workshop:  Is managed by the sponsoring organization