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Adventist Church Training Workshops 

Scottsbluff workshop
Scottsbluff, NE workshop participants,


Ready to make a difference?

Attend a training workshop and become a CHIP Facilitator.

Adventist CHIP Facilitator Training** prepares individuals to conduct CHIP as an outreach ministry of a local Seventh-day Adventist Church.* CHIP simplifies health evangelism with a plug-and-play package. Now churches of all sizes can offer this premier research-validated program with minimal staffing. Workshop completion authorizes trainees to lead these proven life-changing programs for their communities. Church Leaership Workshops held on Sabbath cover the spiritual aspects of CHIP. Details on conducting the CHIP program are held on Sundays.

For more information or to schedule a workshop at your church, conference or camp meeting, contact Travis Young (909) 283-6001 or e-mail: travis.young@lmi4life.com

Upcoming Adventist CHIP Facilitator Training Workshops & Summits



Dates Pending...

Virtual workshop includes:
      - CHIP Participant Kit (Textbook, workbook, cookbook, water bottle, pedometer)
      - CHIP Church Manual
      - Live More Booklet
      - Sample blood test kit
      - Certification to conduct CHIP in the Adventist Church

For more information about workshiops please call Travis Young at: 909-283-6001. Or, email: travis.young@lmi4life.com

NOTE: This event has been postponed. More information will be provided soon . . .

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Please contact the organizer of your workshop, to see if CME/CEU credits are available. $150 fee. Allied Health Professionals only.  Click here for accreditation statement. (Available only in USA workshops.)






New Zealand:


Full training (new facilitators or those who have not run or seen the new programme before) $175. Refresher $85


OR arrange for a workshop at your local church or conference

(Click to view 3-year certification
 and licensing agreement)

Facilitators say…
  • I believe in this program—it works! I love sharing it with others. British Columbia
  • I really appreciate CHIP’s balanced philosophy. CHIP gives the community a wonderful picture of our church. Oregon
  • This is the most rewarding outreach I’ve ever been involved in—we see lives changed at every program. Florida
  • We have so much fun doing CHIP! Oregon
  • CHIP made me feel good and look good. I want to share those benefits with others. Texas
  • CHIP transforms the church into a place where people come to get well. Oklahoma
  • Seeing people's lives change physically—and socially, emotionally, etc.—motivates me to keep on offering CHIP. Oregon
  • After people saw that our church provides scientifically valid health information some turned to us for spiritual answers, too. Kansas
  • Leading CHIP, we get to participate in God’s work and see His power in action.Tennessee
  • I find such a blessing in helping others. Indiana
  • I’ve had lots of wonderful experiences, but I’ve never done anything in my life more thrilling than leading CHIP programs. California
  • I truly enjoy the camaraderie with participants—people I would not have gotten to know otherwise. Michigan
  • With CHIP I’m making a difference in other people’s lives. It’s so rewarding. Minnesota
  • CHIP relieves suffering and I believe it's God's work. Georgia
  • Following CHIP’s principles solved my own health issues. Missouri
  • It benefits me to help others—very rewarding. Ontario
  • CHIP has a special momentum I've not experienced before. Maine
  • I love doing CHIP! Florida


** Churches of other denominations—click here for information on the appropriate training workshop.