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  • Normalize Blood Pressure

    Many CHIP participants that are hypertensive at the start of the program dramatically reduce and sometimes eliminate their need for medication.

  • Lower Cholesterol

    19.8% reduction in average total cholesterol in 30 days for those with baseline cholesterol of higher than 280mg/dl (7.24 mmol/l).

  • Lower Fasting Blood Glucose

    19.9% reduction in average fasting plasma glucose in 30 days for those with baseline fasting plasma glucose of higher than 125mg/dl (6.94 mmol/l).

  • Lower BMI

    Participants report reduced BMI by the average of 3% within just 30 days and with long term adherence to the lifestyle resulting in achieving ideal body weight.

The Seventh-Day Adventist Church, with their long history of health ministry, has chosen CHIP as a key health intervention tool a local church may use to bring health and hope for a better life to their congregations and the communities they serve in.

CHIP’s practical, scientifically sound, results-based approach has won the confidence of tens of thousands of participants and served as an effective ministry to the community at hundreds of Seventh-day Adventist churches, helping members build relationships that last.